Our Inspiration, Our References, Our History

“Companies We Keep, Employee Ownership and the Business of Community and Place”
By John Abrams & Chelsea Green
In Abram’s follow up book he explores employee ownership and workplace democracy on a broader scale.  A must-read for anyone interested in creating a sustainable company and community.

“The Company We Keep”
By John Abrams & Chelsea Green
John Abrams tells a wonderful story about his journey with South Mountain Company from sole proprietorship to full employee ownership.

“Bennett’s Small House Catalog 1920”
By Ray H. Bennett Lumber Co. Inc. with 217 illustrations
In the years following World War I many homes in the Twin Cities were built from kits.  Bennett’s was one of the most famous.  In this republication, you will find over 56 home designs (maybe yours!) as well as plumbing, lighting fixtures, stairways etc. used during that era.  A valuable reference for renovation and preservation.

“Shop Class as Soulcraft, An Inquiry Into the Value of Work”
By Matthew B. Crawford
Based on his own experiences in the trades, Crawford makes the case for the kind of work that requires mastery of real things.

“The Lead Carpenter Handbook”
By Timothy Faller
The hands-on guide for successful job site management.

“Fine Homebuilding”
Fine Homebuilding magazine is the most widely read construction magazine in the country with articles covering all aspects of residential building and remodeling.

“Green Building Advisor”
The online resource for Green Building practices, designs, and products.

“A Carpenter’s Life, As Told By Houses”
By Larry Haun
A compelling memoir of a life building homes over 60 years.

“The Very Efficient Carpenter”
By Larry Haun
“An insider’s guide to framing efficiently.

“Journal Of Light Construction”
JLC magazine provides residential and light commercial contractors with practical job site and business advice.

“Green From The Ground-Up”
By David Johnston and Scott Gibson
A primer for sustainable, healthy, and energy efficient home construction.

“A Field Guide To American Homes”
By Virginia & Lee McAlester
This classic identifies homes and places them in their historical and architectural context.  Lists architectural features typical of various styles.

“Cradle To Grave”
By William McDonough
A sustainable approach to waste.  This book has you think about the end of things- in the beginning.

“Sears, Roebuck Home Builder’s Catalog, The Complete Illustrated 1910 Edition”
By Sears, Roebuck and Co. with 8 color plates
More famous than Bennett, The Sears, Roebuck Home Builder’s Catalog is as American as apple pie.  It features period home designs and kits.

“A Reverence for Wood”
By Eric Sloane
A history of the building practices and wood use in early America

“The Not So Big House-  A Blue Print for The Way We Really Live”
By Sarah Susanka
Re-examines how we live in order to configure smaller, well designed homes that respect our not so big planet while honoring our habitats, families, and spirits.