Chris Hellie

Lead Carpenter

“Life without labor is guilt, labor without art is brutality.”
-John Ruskin

“Construction and remodeling can involve significant modifications. It is important that these alterations are performed not only to established guidelines, but also- and more importantly- with deep respect to the structure and its occupants.

As the agent of change, the craftsman needs willingness to implement new products and techniques. Daily dedication to moving forward, learning and growing is important. Without progress comes stagnation, but awareness of certain pitfalls is critical. Forced change is not comfortable. Artful change is natural.

At Terra Firma, respect to all parties concerned is the focus. With respect as the base, change occurs dynamically.”

Passions & Pursuits

Several animals have blessed my wife and me with their companionship. We enjoy recreating ourselves with them.

Education & Training
  • B.S., Biology and Chemistry, St. Olaf College
  • EPA Certified Lead Safe Renovator
  • Hastings Historic Preservation Member